The authentication for the AI4OS stack depends on the platform it is deployed.

Current supported platforms use the following Identity providers:

Some services (eg. Nextcloud) still rely on the DEEP IAM provider.

How to create an account

EGI Check-In (prod)

Go to the EGI Check-In (prod) and login ith your preferred account (university, Github, ORCID, Google, etc). This will automatically create your new account.

Now you have to enroll in one of the Virtual Organizations (VO) supported by the project:

  • AI4EOSC (

  • iMagine (

  • Tutorials ( reserved for people who will experiment with the platform during a tutorial

You will need to wait until you are approved before being able to start using the services (eg. the AI4OS Dashboard).


Go to the DEEP IAM and select Apply for an account.